I would rate this company 1K stars if I could..the Best detailing company I’ve been to..very friendly people and very affordable price.. Iam so happy that I can take my cars to detailing without hurting my pockets and be very satisfied with the work. I would recommend y’all to check out these people, they are the best of the best.

Nina OH

These people detailed my new suv I found them on the web and when i called the person there was super nice and i will use this detailer from now on cause they are very respectful and they did a really good job plus they only charged 240 bucks to do it cheapest place ever

Ella Hones

Wow this is the place to get a quality detail and for a very affordable price they detail my Caddy on a regular basis and would give them 10 stars if I could. Louisville Luxury Auto Detailing does quality work.

Calvin Lockridge

I take my 2017 Dodge Charger to Louisville Luxury Auto Detailing on a regular basis and can not brag enough on how satisfied I am with quality work that they do !! They are very professional and kind people !!!

Kevin Jones

I found them on the web and i had them detail my new ford f150 and they did an amazing job and the people there are so nice definitely deserves a 5 star rating they are top notch

Ray Macubbims

These kind people detailed my suv yesterday and they did a great job. and i mean my car was really messy before with 4 kids it is hard to keep it clean but after i picked it up it was spotless and it looked like i had just bought it and don't get me started on their friendly service they are so easy to get a hold of and they was so nice and caring with me

Renea Jackson

I love Louisville Luxury Auto Detailing.I want to recommend everyone to this company. They are great and they know what they are doing .They have done 4 of my luxury cars they look like they came off the show room floor

Nikki Sanders

Great work from Louisville Luxury Auto Detailing. They were able to get difficult stains out of my almond colored leather with ease. Thank you for the great work on short notice.

Derrick A Smith

We highly recommend Louisville Luxury Auto Detaling! Keith & crew did a fantastic job on our 2015 F-150. This company has a great work ethic - you won't be disappointed!

Leo Vernier

We are the best .we put the pride back in your ride

Brittany Jackson